Stud dogs


Chancos Joshua – “Booker”

  • born: 13. 12. 2018
  • health: DM N/P carrier
  • more about Booker: Booker is very gentle calm boy, friendly to people most of the time, but very protective if we are alone with him and unknown people approaching. He is great with his little brother – cat, but doesn’t like other animals on our property. Extremely intelligent- to teach him new trick takes no more than 20 min. As soon as he knows what to do, he is getting bored, like”well, what else can you offer me?.,” He would be very happy to contribute to Canaan dogs breeding.
  • previous litters: 0
  • contact: Victoria Adamov,, 416-728-5697

Czech Republic

Calaf Storytelling – “Cal”

  • born: 10. 8. 2018
  • health: HD A/A, ED 0/0, LP 0/0, DM N/P carrier, thyroid normal, fullteeth, scissor bite
  • more about Cal: He is friendly to people he knows and other pets but distrustful towards strangers, he is active – likes long walks, mountain hiking and canicross, he is in obedience and canistherapy training, he shares home with another dog, he loves and protects his family.
  • previous litters: 0
  • contact: kennel de Casta Avecilla

Noked me Shaar Hagai – “Noked”

  • born: 6. 12. 2013
  • health: HD A/A, ED 0/0, LP 0/0, DM N/N clear by parentage, thyroid normal, fullteeth, scissor bite
  • shows: Excellent 1, CAC, BOS, Club winner, CAJC. BOJ and BOB, Junior Club Winner, also several times only VG
  • more about Noked: He has a great character, stable, calm, friendly, he likes animals living with his pack (except cats).
  • previous litters: 4
  • contact: kennel Storytelling


Shalom de Roc Noir et de Sable Blanc – “Shalom”

  • born: 16. 2. 2021
  • health: HD B/B, PL 0/0, DM N/P carrier
  • shows: Best Baby, 2x Best Puppy, Best Young, 2x Best Youngster, 7x Excellent, 4x Best of Breed, Swiss Young Champion, Alpine Champion, European Winner, Young Champion of Luxembourg
  • more about Shalom: Shalom is the star of my village, he is a very sweet calm and playful dog, friendly with people, he loves children. Like all Canaans, he knows how to give a loud voice when strangers approach, but without being aggressive. He gets along well with other dogs but is reactive when a dog yells at him. Intelligent, curious and stubborn – with him you have to vary the games quickly otherwise he will abandon you to play with butterflies or birds.
  • previous litters: 1
  • contact: Gilles Bourdaleix,


Naim de Solemel“Argus”

  • born: 18. 8. 2017
  • health: HD A/A, DM P/P affected (for a DM clear bitch only)
  • more about Argus: He is friendly family dog, travels a lot with his family. He doesn’t like other male dogs much.
  • previous litters: 0
  • pedigree: here
  • contact: Christa Schneider,


Torefjell’s Gad – “Betyár”

  • born: 13. 7. 2014
  • shows: several shows with CAC, BOB, CACIB
  • more about Betyár: He is a family dog, lives with children and another Canaan bitch.
  • previous litters: 2
  • contact: kennel Canaan Hungária TGT


Velikayas Midear Yehuda Shaar Hagai – “Giuda”

  • born: 19. 12. 2014
  • health: DM N/P carrier
  • more about Giuda: He is very active, he jumps very high. He likes biscuits. He is very friendly with everybody. He doesn’t like some male dogs.
  • previous litters: 1
  • contact: Alberto Marchesi,


Torefjell’s Ori – “Ori”

  • born: 13. 7. 2014
  • health: DM N/P carrier, fullteeth, scissor bite, the owner can make additional tests per request
  • shows: Norwegian champion
  • more about Ori: He is curious, playful and cuddly. He has done some searching for scents in a sport called smeller, and he has also done some tracking. In obedience he has “bronsemerket”.
  • previous litters: 0
  • pedigree: here
  • contact: Aili Lønset,, facebook


Dizenhoff Extravert – “Diego”

  • born: 1. 1. 2016
  • health: HD B/B, ED 0/0, DM N/P carrier, fullteeth, scissor bite
  • shows: Res. Best dog of Crufts 2019, Slovak Champion
  • more about Diego: succesful show dog
  • previous litters: 1
  • contact: Vladimíra Macháleková,, facebook


Rahat Ben Bedoui de Solemel – “Zackie”

  • born: 20. 2. 2020
  • health: HD B/B, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, DM N/N free
  • more about Zackie: Zackie has a kind and gentle soul, he is very loving to his family but vary to other people. He is playful and happy, he is a great guardian and keeps track on what happens in our neighborhood.
  • previous litters: 0
  • contact: kennel Noble Guardians,, facebook


Eastland’s Malaki Blaze of Hope for Setting Sun – “Malaki”

  • born: 28. 2. 2018
  • health: DM N/P carrier
  • more about Malaki: He was pick of his litter and has outstanding conformation and temperament! He is silly and entertaining but incredibly intelligent. He is suspicious of new people, places and things but acclimates quickly. He warms up to new people quickly once he knows they are not a threat. He is typically territorial and like many Canaans not happy about other males but no problem with females.
  • previous litters: 1
  • contact: Heidi Rosin at

CH Relic’s Moonless Night FDC CGC RI – “Riley”

  • health: HD good, ED normal, PL normal, DM N/P carrier, cardiac normal, eyes normal, thyroid normal
  • work: CGC, FDC, RI
  • more about Riley: Riley is typical Canaan Dog; smart, very solid in his partnership and a working farm dog with livestock and herding experience. He’s easy to be around, very laid-back but very athletic as well. Riley has a truly square structure and is very clean with proper coat and temperament for the breed.
  • previous litters: 1
  • contact: Heritage Canaan Dogs; M. Haney,

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Canaan dog is a breed with a pedigree. It is not just a dog from the country of origin. Be aware of traffickers who sell mixed dogs as canaan dogs.

Also if you want a dog with a possibility of breeding make sure it has a pedigree by FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), KC (The Kennel Club in the UK) or AKC (American kennel club), not any other organizations.