Puppies & Available

Planned litters

For winter 2022 – at kennel Heritage Canaan Dogs (USA)

  • mother: CH Pleasant Hill Mirage of Eastland CHIC
  • father: GCHB CH Farsight Argos Renegade Of Pern RN FDC CA CGCA CGCU TKN CHIC
  • contact: mhaneyranch@yahoo.com

Puppies born

Available puppies at the kennel Moon of Starlight (France)

  • born: 26. 10. 2022
  • available puppies: 3 females
  • mother: Chancos Mira (cream, eyes free, HD B, ED 0, DM N/N free)
  • father: Shalom de Roc Noir et de Sable Blanc (white with red, HD B, PL 0, DM N/P carrier)
  • contact: moonofstarlightkennel@gmail.com, facebook

Available puppies at the kennel Shaar Hagai (Israel)

  • born: 7. 1. 2022
  • available puppies: 1 female and 1 male
  • mother: Ruach Shel Tikva me Shaar Hagai (cream, DM N/P carrier by parentage, DNA profile)
  • father: Velikayas Hazara LeAtid for Shaar Hagai (black with white, DM N/N free by parentage, DNA profil soon)
  • puppies have full pedigree and will have DM test
  • contact: Myrna Shiboleth, FB, myrnashiboleth@gmail.com

Available puppies at the kennel Anacan (United Kingdom)

  • born: 18. 4. 2022
  • mother: Anacan Poetry In Motion (white with red, DM N/N free)
  • father: Anacan Invincible (white with black, DM N/P carrier)
  • available puppies: females (white with black)
  • contact: Ellen Minto, website, minto@canaandogsofanacan.com

Looking for a new great home

Canaan Dogs that are currently looking for new homes in the North America

Ioann de Solemel – “Inouk” (France)

  • born: 29. 11. 2013
  • neutered male
  • Inouk is in a dog shelter, available for adoption
  • parents: Elisha de Solemel & Tzuk El Kashhar
  • contact and more information: website, facebook

M-Nahat de Solemel – “Kiokai” (France)

  • born: 21. 12. 2016
  • sex: male
  • Kiokai is in a dog shelter, available for adoption
  • parents: Hetty de Solemel & Or Ve-Tzel me Shaar Hagai
  • contact: facebook, vallerargues@la-spa.fr

Three males at the kennel “Canaan Dogs Sardegna” (Italy – Sardinia)

  • born: 29. 10. 2020
  • health: DM N/N clear by parentage
  • parents: Guili & Nahmane de Solemel
  • all males have FCI/ENCI pedigree papers
  • contact: floris.lorena@yahoo.it, facebook

  • more about Yéhèzqel: His character is strong and very decisive, so lively but also obedient, curious and always ready to face the challenges, an excellent jumper, like his father Nahmane, a great companion for those who want to live the days very intensely live and for those who want to share his free spirit.

  • more about Mal’Akhi: His name means a messenger or an angel. He is quiet, courious and shy to unknown.
  • more about Dawidh: He is good, calm, respectful, discreet, independent, knows how to behave very well and is eager for many cuddles, he is just for those who like to give a lot of cuddles, he is a puppy who at the right time knows how to be decided, he is sweetness and strength together, his name means Amato and this name is a promise for him.

For posting your litter fill in the google form or contact us by e-mail with this information:

Litter or dog’s name + text

Date of birth

Sire (name + health tests)

Dam (name + health tests)

Contact and country

Pictures of parents and puppies would be nice as well as the pedigree.

Canaan dog is a breed with a pedigree. It is not just a dog from the country of origin. Be aware of traffickers who sell mixed dogs as canaan dogs.

Also if you want a dog with a possibility of breeding make sure it has a pedigree by FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), KC (The Kennel Club in the UK) or AKC (American kennel club), not any other organizations.