Conditions for breeding approval

HD ED DM Shows Bonitation Age femaleAge maleEyes
Canada**** 2 y* 2 y*
Czech republicD/D1/1 118 m 8 y18 m
France***15 m – 9 y1 y – 9 y*
GermanyC/C2 8 y15 m
Israel*2or bonitation1,5 7 y1,5 7 y
Poland1,5 8 y1,5 y
Slovakia21,5 9 y1,5 y
Sweden1,5 y
United Kingdom**
USA (CDCA)2 9 y2 y

* recommended

Breeding clubs

Club’s nameContact
CanadaCanadian Kennel Clubwebsite
Czech republicKlub chovatelů málopočetných plemen psůwebsite
FinlandSuomen Kaanaankoirat Ryfacebook
FranceSociété Centrale Canine pour l’Amélioration des Races de Chiens en Francewebsite
GermanyDeutscher Club für Nordische Hundewebsite
HungaryMagyar Ebtenyésztok Országos Egyesületeinek Szövetségewebsite
Italy Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italianawebsite
PolandZwiazek kynologiczny w Polscewebsite
SlovakiaKlub chovateľov málopočetných plemien psovwebsite
United KingdomBritish Canaan Dog Clubwebsite
Kennel Clubwebsite
USACanaan Dog Club of America (AKC partner)website
Israel Canaan Dog Club of America (UKC partner)website
Canaan Dog Rescue Network website

Map of members and contract partners of FCI

Canaan dog is a breed with a pedigree. It is not just a dog from the country of origin. Be aware of traffickers who sell mixed dogs as canaan dogs.

Also if you want a dog with a possibility of breeding make sure it has a pedigree by FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), KC (The Kennel Club in the UK) or AKC (American kennel club), not any other organizations.