List of FCI & KC & AKC breeders

Europe and Middle East

Czech Republic

de Casta Avecilla website facebook

Lecha Dodi website facebook

od Dvou cedrů email facebook

Sangre de Drago website

Storytelling website


Katafaronja website 


de Roc Noir et de Sable Blanc website facebook

Moon of Starlight website facebook


Spitzville website facebook


Canaan Hungária TGT facebook

Canaan World Hungary facebook


Canaan Dogs Sardegna facebook

I Guardiani del Mulino facebook

Velikayas facebook


Shaar Hagai website


Samorodok website


Chanco website facebook

Noble Guardians website facebook

United Kingdom

Anacan website

Nizzana website 

North America


JayKay website facebook


Bandersnatch  bandersnatchBTCD at yahoo dot com

Davison’s Doggone Acres canaan at midwest dot net

Desert Star  desertstarcanaans at yahoo dot com

Eastland elcanaans93 at gmail dot com

Farsight facebook

Gemari GemariCD at aol dot com

Graymatter facebook

Ha‘Aretz facebook

HaTikva website

Heritage website facebook

Kol Tuv website

Mofet facebook

Odyssey  jlaprade at pillsburylaw dot com

Relic facebook

Revelation Knaani website

River Rock facebook

Canaan Dogs Rescue Network website facebook

For posting your kennel contact us via e-mail, please.

Canaan dog is a breed with a pedigree. It is not just a dog from the country of origin. Be aware of traffickers who sell mixed dogs as canaan dogs.

Also if you want a dog with a possibility of breeding make sure it has a pedigree by FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), KC (The Kennel Club in the UK) or AKC (American kennel club), not any other organizations.